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Assignment I:

Contour Shoe Drawing

Students will create a contour line drawing a shoe(s).


Graded using BHS Visual Arts Rubric


Grade Weight: Major (60%)

DUE: 8/31/18

Black Sneaker Front

Assignment II:

Value Scale Worksheet

Students will complete value worksheet.



Grade Weight: Minor Grade (40%)
DUE: 9/05/18


Assignment III:


Value Webbing

Abstract Value Creation


Grade Weight: Major Grade (60%)
DUE: 9/07/18


Assignment IV:


Color Wheel Design

Design and create your own original color wheel. 

Brainstorm FOUR different ideas in your sketchbook. 

Practice your approved design with copy paper first. 

-Fold paper in half until you you have 12-16 equal rectangles.

-Draw your design on one rectangle

-Cut out design and trace on other rectangles until 12 identical shapes are cut out.

-Form shapes into a circle

-If you approve, move on to the tag board!

You will fold the 13x19 tag board in half until you have 16 rectangles. 

You will paint your color wheel hues onto your shapes AFTER you have the shapes cut into a circle.


Grade Weight: Major Grade (60%)
DUE: 9/17/18

Assignment V:



Draw the skull with accuracy by recreating it in the grid next to it.


Grade Weight: Major Grade (60%)
DUE: 9/28/18

Skull Grid.jpg

Assignment VI:


Colored Pencil Techniques


Mistakes Beginners Make

Shading a sphere

How to Blend


Assignment VII:


Story Board

Draw a storyboard with a minimum of four frames. 


Grade Weight: Major Grade (60%)
DUE: 11/30/18

Storyboard Assignment-1.jpg
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