Assignment I:



Students will photograph 5 images of each color with a total of 35 images.  EX: Red- Fire hydrant, red shoes, twizzlers, red folder, red pencils, bag of cheese doritos, red backpack, red hair, red phone


Upload to Google Photos, Share to teacher email. 

Grade Weight: Minor (40%)

DUE: 8/24/18

Assignment II:


Composition Rules

Students will photograph 5 images of each composition rule: Rule of Thirds, Framing, Fill the Frame, Leading Lines, Declutter Background


Upload best of each to Google Photos, Share to teacher email. 


Grade Weight: Minor (40%)

DUE: 8/24/18

Assignment III:


Exposure, White Balance, Contrast

Students will edit four images given by teacher and one image selected from student's collection.


Upload the FIVE images to Google Photos, create album for assignment, share to

Grade Weight: Major (60%)

DUE: 8/31/18

Images to Edit
(I do not own the rights to these images.  The use of these images is solely for educational purposes.)

Assignment IV:

Types of Lighting

Students will photograph the 4 different types of lighting discussed in class:

-Side Lighting

-Back Lighting

--Reflected Lighting

-Flat Lighting


Upload final photos to Google Photos and Share with


Label Album as follows: Period#-Lighting-Last,First

Grade Weight: Major (60%)

DUE: 9/4/18

Assignment V:

Lighting the Egg

Students will photograph 5 images of an egg without moving it. Each image should have different lighting (the sun moving throughout the day, a flashlight, lamp light, etc.)


Upload final photos to Google Photos and Share with


Label Album as follows: Period#-TheEgg-Last,First

Grade Weight: Major (60%)

DUE: 9/4/18

Assignment VI:

Photo Series

Students will create a photo series of 10 images that connect with a story, subject, or theme.  

Take at least 50-100 images, and find the best 10. Edit in photoshop with the same style.

Artist Statement: A few sentences explaining what you photographed and why.


Upload final tiffs to Google Photos and Share with


Label Album as follows: Period#-Series-Last,First

Grade Weight: Major (60%)

Grade by BHS Visual Arts Rubric

DUE: 9/11/18

Assignment VII:

Aperture & Shutter Speed

(BHS Concentration Series)

Submit 5 photos with aperture priority or focus.

  1. foreground in focus

  2. midground in focus

  3. background in focus

  4. wide aperture (landscape)

  5. Whatever you want

Submit 5 photos with shutter priority of focus.

  1. Stop motion

  2. Panning

  3. Light Painting(How to do light painting with a phone)

  4. Motion Blur

  5. Whatever you want


Total photos submitted: 10 Final photos about your concentration that you and I discussed (football, dance, band etc.)




DO NOT COME TO CLASS WITH "I didn't take enough." That is not an excuse! 

Grade Weight: Major (60%)

DUE: TBD (One on One with Mrs. B 9/18)

Assignment VIII:

Double Exposure Practice

Create a series of 3 double exposures from images on the internet.  You may use any technique you desire. Ex: Mixing two photos together, taking the background out and placing the second image inside the first image, or something you created yourself. 

Upload the 3 tif documents to google photos.  

Due: 9/26/17

Minor Grade: 40%

This is the pre-assignment for your double exposure series. (this will be assigned on 9/28, and due 10/5)

Helpful Tutorials and Links:


Assignment IX:

Forced Perspective

Students will learn to create images that show "forced perspective."  

This technique will expand the possibilities in images you take.  If you want to create a huge monster scene, but obviously don't have a huge monster to photograph, this will help create the illusion of size. 

Shoot at least 20 experimental images that show forced perspective.  Edit down to the best 5 images.

Upload final photos to Google Photos and Share with


Label Album as follows: Period#-Forced Perspective-Last,First

Grade Weight: Major (60%)

DUE: 10/12/18

Helpful Resources:

Assignment X:



Sometimes finding interesting things to photograph is difficult in boring or dull spaces.  Your job as a photographer is the find the interesting things or spaces that others do not see.  

Students will photograph various angles of objects in RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, INDIGO, and VIOLET.  Ex: below eye level, above eye level, at eye level, of a red backpack.  

Use any of the lighting or photoshop techniques we have learned so far in the class.  

Due: 7 images edited (cropped, color balanced, contrast, multiple exposure, etc.) 


Upload to Google Photos in an album labeled

Period #- ROYGBIV II- Last, First

Grade Weight: Major (60%)

DUE: 10/19/18

Assignment XI:


Gummy Bear Advertisement

You are being hired by "Haribo" to create their next magazine advertisement.  They need 5 different images that show gummy bears being "alive." 

You will be creating a "studio" on your desk using a piece of paper.  You are welcome to add any props you desire to make your gummy bears come to life.  Remember to add side or overhead lighting to create a dramatic affect.

The "studio" look is the idea, however, Haribo is open to placing the gummy bears in different locations if the artist can convince them. 


Upload to Google Photos in an album labeled

Period #- GummyBears- Last, First

DUE: 10/24/18

Google Images

Assignment XII:


Gummy Bear Meme or Ad

Using your images shot from your gummy bear photoshoot, create an ad OR meme using the text tool in Photoshop. 

Use the font "Impact" for memes.  Make the font color white, add a black stroke to create the full meme effect.  

If creating an advertisement, reference advertisements online to refer to font choices. Do NOT use "comic sans, papyrus, or monotype corsiva." 


Upload your best THREE to Google Photos in an album labeled

Period #- Meme- Last, First

Grade Weight: Major (60%)

DUE: 10/31/18

Adding Text in Photoshop instructions

Assignment XIII:


Cloning using Layer Masks

Ever want to be in two places at once?

Using the layer mask tool in photoshop, create an image that shows you in more than three places at one time.  

Due: One image that has 3-4 images combined as one. 


Upload to Google Photos in an album labeled

Period #- Clone Last, First

Grade Weight: Minor (40%)

DUE: 11/08/18

Written Tutorial Link- (disregard the Bridge, portion of the tutorial.  Drag images onto original image as shown in class)


Assignment XIV:


Photography Videos/ New Series

Click the link below and watch the video:


In a Google Doc: Make a list of the tips listed in the video. Describe each tip as if you were to explain to someone else learning photography.

Due: End of class 1/22/19


Share with


Grade Weight: Minor (40%)

Click the link below to access Peter McKinnon's video tutorials page:


Choose FOUR videos that you are interested in to help further your knowledge of your photography skills.  

In a google doc: make a list of things from each video that will be helpful to your photography. Title each list with the link of the video so I know which one you are talking about. 

Photo Series:  Based off of the videos you watched, create a series of 5-10 photographs that show the techniques or tips that you have learned. 

Due: Monday, January 28, 2019. 

Assignment XV:


Lighting Portraits

-5 portraits using light gels in studio

-5 portraits using reflected light outdoors 

Due: 02/02/2019


Upload to Google Photos in an album labeled

Period #- Portraits Last, First

Grade Weight: Major (60%)

Critique Folders: Upload your BEST photo from the studio portraits and BEST photo from the outdoor portraits in the appropriate folder.

5th Period- Light Gel Portraits

5th Period- Outdoor Reflector Portraits

6th Period- Light Gel Portraits

6th Period- Outdoor Reflector Portraits

8th Period- Light Gel Portraits

8th Period- Outdoor Reflector Portraits

For your critique grade you will be clicking and commenting on FIVE images per folder. You are to comment one GLOW and one GROW for each image that you choose. 

Assignment XVI:


Still Life Research/Series

-Research a minimum of three still life photographers that interest you. 

-Save 3-5 images photographed by each photographer into a google docs file.  

-After that is complete, research how the photographers executed their images. i.e. equipment used, lighting setup, props, etc.

-From your research and inspiration, write a 3-4 sentence proposal for what your still life series will be about, how you will execute it, and what materials you will need, your lighting setup. The only materials I can provide are the camera, lighting equipment, and backdrops. You are responsible for your own props.

Research and Proposal Due: 02/05/19

Grade Weight: Minor (60%)

Still Life Series Due (3-5 Images): 02/08/19

Grade Weight: Major (60%)


Resource Starting Points:

30 artists


Modern Examples


Critique Folder 

Upload your still life images into the critique folder.  You will critique FIVE images in the critique. Instead of clicking on the image and digitally typing, you will be writing on a sheet of paper. 

Assignment XVII:


Lighting and Mood

-Watch this video of how lighting can affect the mood of a portrait or photograph.

-Watch video below as well:

-Video TWO 

-By ONLY adjusting the light of an image, you are to photograph and capture 2 or more different moods.  

-2 portrait images of Happy & Angry

-2 still life images of Happy & Scary

--2 images showing two different moods of your choice (by only adjusting lighting)

-Remember, the mood of your image is changed directly from lighting, not necessarily from your models expression. 

-Pay attention to background, cropping, and focus.  Images will be graded based off of technique.  Participation shots that are done lazily will receive NO  credit. 

Due: 02/20/2019

Major Grade: 60%



Assignment XVIII:

Custom Series

Create a series of your choice using the techniques we've learned this semester: light gels, studio lighting, portraits, etc.

Turn in 5-10 images of your series to this folder:

Custom Series Folder

Please remember to also share the album of your photos with for grading purposes. 

Due: Wednesday 02/20/2019

Assignment XIX:

Back to the Basics:


"The Tools That Make Art"

Do you remember what the elements of art are?  Do you remember why they are important?

If the answer was "no" to either of those, welcome to your next lesson. 

You will be photographing FIVE images of EACH element of art. 

After you have your images, you will be creating a Photoshop document that has each element of art with the coinciding images next to the element. Underneath each element, you are to write a brief description of what the word means.





Skills in Photoshop: 

Resizing Images

Layer organization

Text Tool

Clipping Masks

Shape Tool

Move Tool

Saving a PDF




Assignment XX:

Back to the Basics II:


"How to Use the Tool to Make Art"

Now that we've reviewed the "tools that make art", we need to go over how to "use the tools to make art."

You will be taking images focusing on the principles of design: Pattern, Contrast, Emphasis, Balance, Proportion/Scale, Harmony/Rhythm, and Movement

You are to photograph FIVE images of EACH principle of design.  However, TWO of the FIVE images must be photographed in the studio using controlled lighting. The other three may be taken outside using sunlight or window light. 

Like the previous lesson, you are to import these images into Photoshop to create a Principles of Design Document. 

Underneath each principle, you must write a brief description of what the word means.                       

DUE: FRIDAY 02/29/19





Skills in Photoshop: 

Resizing Images

Layer organization

Text Tool

Saving a PDF



Assignment XXI:

Still Life Lighting Diagrams


You will learn how to look at a photograph and analyze how it was shot. 

Analyzing Light


In the folder below, you will draw lighting diagrams for 7 photographs.  Include everything someone would need to re-create the image: objects, backdrops, lights, reflectors, flags, etc. 


This is in preparation for ASSIGNMENT XXII below.




Minor Grade: 40%

DUE: MONDAY 03/04/19


Assignment XXII:

Commercial Photography Setting:

Group Work

Learning Target: The students will work in collaborative groups to create commercial photography images as they would on a real job set.

There are various jobs and roles in the commercial photography setting. Some of the jobs include:

  • Photographer

  • Photographer's Assistant(s)

  • Intern(s)

  • Set Stylist

  • Food Stylist

  • Stylist's Assistant(s)

  • Studio Manager

  • Art Director/Creative Director

  • Art Director's Assistant

You will work in the assigned groups to create a series of shots for your client. Your client has brought you an image that they want their product to be similar to.

To make sure you can provide what the client wants, you will work as a group to re-create the photograph given as well as create 2-3 new images using the same lighting set up. 

Upload the images to the google drive folder on the right.  Find your class period's folder.  Rename the images with your Group 1, ex: Group 1- Image 1, Group 1- Image 2, Etc.

To access your group's client proposal and assignment, Click on your group # to ACCESS YOUR PROPOSAL.






GOOD LUCK! May the odds ever be in your favor.

Assignment XXIII:

Digital Self-Portrait Collage

Learning Target: The student will create a digital collage using a self-portrait and found images.

You will be taking as self-portrait with a blank background, that way it is easy to remove in Photoshop.  You may take a side profile or front facing portrait. 

Research: You will collect images that represent you as a person.  Likes, Interests, Pictures of Family and Friends, pets, etc. You may use pictures from the internet as well as your own images. 


-Open up your self-portrait into Photoshop. 

-Remove the background layer. 

-Convert Image to black and white

-Drag in first image of interest and place onto your portrait. 

-Using a layer mask, brush over areas that you want to hide or make less opaque.  

-Save as a TIFF, NOT a JPG. I need to check layers.

Upload to the submission folder on the right. 

Due: 03/20/19

Grade: MAJOR 60%




Advanced Collage Tutorial

Assignment XXIV:

Wix Website

Learning Target: The student will create a professional website showcasing their portfolios from this year.

You will be creating a photography website through WIX.  If you started using Weebly at the beginning of the year, you MUST use WIX.  ****




  • Home Page (You may choose what your homepage is of, research other photography websites for ideas)

  • Biography Page

  • Portfolio page with:

    • At least THREE different series galleries​

    • AP students must have THREE concentration galleries, AND a BREADTH gallery.

    • You must have an artist statement about each series or gallery written. 

    • Contact Page (you may make up information for this)

  • Optional: BLOG, Drawing/Art Page, Links to your Youtube etc.

Email your website's address to to receive your progress grade. 

Full Website Due: MONDAY 03/25/19



Follow the instructions on the submission doc to submit your website.

A+ Student Examples:



Assignment XXV:

Levitating Photography

Learning Target: The student will create levitating photographs using multiple pictures and Photoshop.

The website below lists the steps and equipment you need to be successful.


Also visit this levitation series for inspiration: YOWAYOWA

Create a Google Doc of notes for ALL FOUR videos below. 

Video tutorials are listed below:

Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2

Tutorial 3 (1/2)

Tutorial 3 (2/2)

These notes are due end of class Wednesday 03/27/19. 

SHARE Google Doc to

MINOR: 40%

Levitation Series Proposal: Include- 

Location, Model(s) needed, props, process photos to shoot, sketch of image. 

Use a sheet of copy paper to write the proposals and sketches on.  Turn into me. 

DUE THURSDAY 04/28/2019


You will be creating at least TWO finished levitating photographs.  To successfully make these, watch all video tutorials above. Submit to folder on the right, please rename with name and period.  TIFF AND JPG Format

DUE: THURSDAY 04/04/19

MAJOR: 60%



Assignment XXVI:


Learning Target: The student will learn how photography brings us together as a community and world. 

We will be watching the TED TALK by Levon Biss.

Write 3 paragraphs about:

-Summarizing the documentary

-How can you use this talk to inspire your photography?

--What everyday, mundane objects can you photograph in an interesting way? 

DUE: 04/08/2019


Assignment XXVII:

Aaron Siskind

Learning Target: The student will learn how to shoot images based on form, shape, and contrast. 

Research the work of photographer Aaron Siskind. 

-He shot for FORM, SHAPE, & CONTRAST.

-Shoot a series of 12-15 images based off of his style of shooting.

-Edit your images into black and white in photoshop.  Adjust contrast and exposure to add interest. I will give a demo of my process on Wednesday. 

DUE: 04/12/2019


Rename your images with your period #, last, First, Image #:

5-Brown,K, 1

5-Brown, K 2



Assignment XXVIII:


Learning Target: The student will learn how to create a cinemagraph in photoshop.

Cinemagraph Tutorial VIDEO




-Bullet point notes on how to create a cinemagraph as well as FIVE ideas/proposals are due 04/15/19.

-I recommend watching the videos once before you take your footage, and ANOTHER time before you begin editing. 

-This lesson is NOT difficult, you just have to have patience to learn how to do it. 

-Submit your finished cinemagraph in GIF format to the submission folder below. 

DUE: 04/18/2019


Rename your GIFwith your period #, last, First, GIF

5-Brown,K, GIF


Assignment XXIX:


Learning Target: The student will learn how create architecture/ real estate style photography.

Shoot 12-15 images of Boswell focusing on the architecture. 

-Upload your images to a Google Photos album.

-To edit the images, follow these instructions here

DUE: 04/23/2019


Share your album with!

Remember, the winner of this photo challenge receives 100 pts for any major grade this six weeks. 


Assignment XXX:


Learning Target: The student will improve a series that was previously shot.

-Revisit an assignment that we've done this year that you enjoyed.  

-Do it again, but BETTER.


DUE: 04/29/2019


Share your album with!

Assignment XXXI:

Process Photography

Learning Target: The student will learn how to photograph a process.

-Pick a process that interests you and photograph the steps. (Cooking, Drawing, Painting, Make up, etc.) 

-Pay attention to lighting and composition. (Natural lighting is best)

-Don't include anything in the background that doesn't belong. 



DUE: 05/03/2019


Share your album with!

Assignment XXXII:

Curated Grid (Instagram Worthy)

Learning Target: The student will learn how to create a cohesive grid of images to promote a brand.


-First, find FIVE instagram accounts for inspiration.  

-Here are sites for inspiration:

-Submit to me the FIVE accounts that you are using for inspiration.  In the email you will also be including the:

  • Theme style:

  • Types of photos:

  • Colors in the photos:

for your plan on your OWN series. 

Your final project MUST match the original plan that you email me today. 

DUE: 05/06/2019


You will be submitting 12 images total for this assignment. It will be 

DUE: 05/08/2019


Upload your images to the SUBMISSION FOLDER.


CREATE a NEW folder for YOUR images inside the submission folder.  Title it "Period #_Last Name, First Name"

If you do not create a new folder and rename as instructed, you will receive a ZERO.

Grading Guidelines:

  • Color Scheme: 25 pts

  • Aesthetic shows variety: 25 pts

  • Types of photos are consistent (ex: What your photos are about is obvious): 25 pts

  • 12 photos: 25 pts

Critique sheet should include:

YOUR GRADE based off Rubric:

  • Color Scheme:__ pts

  • Aesthetic shows variety: ___ pts

  • Types of photos are consistent (ex: What your photos are about is obvious):___ pts

  • 12 photos: ___ pts

Critique and select the MOST successful 3 students and include why. (The color scheme is aesthetic, the images are consistent in subject etc.)

Critique and select the most UNSUCCESSFUL three curated grids, include why. (There are not 12 photos, there is not a consistent theme, etc.)

Most Successful




Least Successful




Assignment XXXIII:

Letter to Next Years Photo Students

Learning Target: The student will reflect on their learning and progress from this year's photography class. 

-In a Google Drive document, write a letter to next year's photography cohort. 

The letter must include:

  • What you learned in photography this year

  • What you disliked most about the class

  • What you liked most about the class

  • What your favorite assignment was, and why

  • Advice that you have for the next year's students to be successful

  • What you wish you could have done differently

  • Five of your photographs from the beginning of the year

  • Five of your most successful photographs from the end of the year (The photographs you select are to show progress.)

Share your letter with!

DUE: 05/13/2019



Assignment XXXIV:

Photo Challenge III: The Beginning + The End

Learning Target: The student will learn how to create a cohesive grid of images using the color scheme of ROYGBIV.

Create a curated grid of 12 images using a Rainbow color scheme. 

The images may be of any subject matter.  They may be of the actual colors, the use of light gels, or the use of photo shop and filters. 

-WINNER AWARD: An 8.5x11" print of choice from an image you have taken. 

You will be submitting 12 images total for this assignment. The images will be imported into the Photoshop Grid Template that I have created for you here.

  1. -Download the Grid Template to your computer.

  2. -Drag your images into the document one by one.  As you drag each image, resize the image onto the squares of the template. 

  3. -Create a clipping mask to inset your image onto each square. Put your image layer ABOVE the square you want it inside.  Right click the image layer, and select "Create Clipping Mask"  This will INSET your image inside of the square.

  4. Save your final grid as a JPG before uploading to the submission folder. 

DUE: 05/20/2019

Major Grade: 60%

Upload your final grid to the submission folder.  

RENAME your grid with "Period #_Last Name, First Name."

**You may use some old images or take all new images, however, ALL of the images must be your own.