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Showing Gratitude with Clipping Masks (Tutorial with PSD Template)

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Learning Objectives:

The student will reflect upon what is important to to their lives to create a digital collage.

The student will create a collage of images using clipping masks.

Essential Questions:

How do artists or graphic designers use clipping masks in the industry?

How have you used clipping masks in your life outside of Photopea/Photoshop?


  • Find nine of your own or found images of things you are grateful for

  • Download the Gratitude Clipping Mask Template below:

Grateful Template
Download PSD • 227KB
  1. Open

  2. Drag and drop the template document onto the canvas

  3. Select layer 1 in the layers panel

  4. Drag your first image onto the Canvas

  5. Resize to fit over clipping mask layer 1 (not too small, the black square should not show once you create the clipping mask)

  6. Right Click your photo layer > select Clipping Mask

  7. Move or resize to your liking

  8. Repeat 3-7 until you have filled all nine layers

  9. Export as a JPG

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