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YAY Art Sticky Note Installation

Introducing our YAY Art Installation of sticky note art!

The sticky note wall was an interactive installation that my art students and I created to provide joy and positivity to our hallway. The instructions say "Take What Makes You Happy". We would replenish the wall a few times a week, with even seasonal changes in the characters.

I love this installation and activity for a few different reasons:

  • The installation gives others outside of the art room an opportunity to enjoy artwork AND even take an artwork to keep.

  • Students can take ownership and pride in their artwork being displayed.

  • Students select their post it color as they walk into the room. The selection can be a form of Social Emotional Learning by discussing why the students selected certain colors. For instance, a student may have selected blue because they are feeling cold or sad.

  • The prompts provided are random and presented on the board as a bell ringer. I like to make the prompts a random character or animal completing a funny task. An example: Your favorite animal as a ghost with a birthday cake. These "silly" and random prompts allow the students to have fun and not be too serious to create art.

Here's an example of how the students would participate in the bell ringer activity:

I hope you enjoy the installation and can use some of the ideas to bring positivity and joy to your own classroom and school.

YAY Art!


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