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Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Good Morning!

It's the day after art show, and I am on my second cup of coffee.

I usually hop on here and start the creating for my new site before I drive to the school.

However, I am at a crossroads on where to begin with the content creating of the Teacher Resources part of the website. I have over seven years of lesson plans, rubrics, project examples, etc. that I am so excited to share with my fellow educators.....

But, the paralysis of being overwhelmed takes over.

So here I am, reaching out to whoever is reading this. (Thank you for being here, by the way.)

What are the types of resources that would help you? What types of things do you want or need to see? My dream and goal is for this site/blog to become a place for newbie and veteran art teachers come to seek new ideas, share their own, or help out that exhausted teacher on Monday morning try to quickly put together something for the week. We need all the support we can get, especially in the current climate education is in.

Here is my brain dump of what I have:

  • Secondary Art Lesson Plans

  • Photography Lesson Plans

  • Procreate Lesson Plans

  • Video Demos

  • AP Art Lessons, Portfolio Examples, etc.

  • Awesome Rubrics

  • Grant Writing Tips

  • Curriculum Outlines

  • Templates

  • Student Examples for all the things

  • Graphic Design Downloads for Art Room Decor

  • and so much more.

What I need help on, is what to focus on first. What do YOU need or what to see?

I'll have some free downloads for my peeps who comment suggestions and feedback! :)

Thank you in advance for helping my spiraling brain.


P.S. Happy FRIDAY before Turkey Day Break.

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