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Teacher of the Year???

It's been a while since I've posted!

The past few months have been a whirlwind. I'll catch you up with everything eventually.

The craziest thing to happen was that I...Kristina Brown...was awarded Teacher of the Year for my school...

Why do I say this is crazy???

The types of teachers that win these awards at schools are the ones that I see as the "elite." They are the teachers that have everything figured out. They are the cream of the crop. They are usually also core subject teachers.

Receiving this award as an ART teacher is not common to see. The most recent occurrence I witnessed of a fine arts teacher winning this award was when my mentor teacher received it during my first year of teaching. He was/is one of the more elite educator's that I have ever had the honor of working with. Since that day, I always had a goal in the back of my mind to win such an honor to represent the population of teachers that may not be considered "real" teachers. We love to hear "oh, you're just one of the fun teachers." *sarcasm*


In my fancy and more professional words...

Receiving the Teacher of the Year award as an art teacher is a tremendous honor because it recognizes the unique challenges and rewards of teaching the arts. Art education is often undervalued and underfunded in many school systems, but it plays a crucial role in fostering creativity, critical thinking, and self-expression in students.

As an art teacher, the goal is not just to teach students how to create art but to help them develop a deeper appreciation for art and its role in our world. Art is a language that transcends boundaries, and by teaching it, we help our students develop a broader understanding of diverse cultures and perspectives.

Art education is essential in helping students develop their cognitive, emotional, and social skills. Creating art requires patience, problem-solving, and collaboration, and it encourages students to take risks and explore new ideas. Art education also fosters emotional development, helping students to express and manage their emotions in a healthy way.

This award is an affirmation of the impact that art education can have on students' lives. It recognizes the dedication, creativity, and hard work that art teachers put into their classrooms every day to inspire and challenge their students.

Receiving the Teacher of the Year award as an art teacher is a tremendous honor because it recognizes the importance and value of art education in our schools. It acknowledges the hard work and dedication of art teachers to help their students develop their creativity, critical thinking, and self-expression skills. Winning this award not only affirms the art teacher's abilities but also the success of their students, making it a truly special and meaningful achievement.

If you're here reading this, you already know the statements that I made above. You are probably an art educator making a difference every day with your students.

Winning this award is surreal in the ways that I still do not feel like I am one of the "elites" or "cream of the crop" teachers. Even at year eight in education, I still feel like I am "faking it 'til I make it." Don't tell my students that. But imposter syndrome is real. That being said, I AM proud of the teacher I have become and will continue to become.

I'll be catching up with posts soon. Once State Vase, AP Portfolios, District Art Show, and Prom are over....I can breathe.

Thanks for being here.


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