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Clipping Masks with the Text Tool (Tutorial)

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Learning Objective: The student will learn how to use a clipping mask with the Text tool in PhotoPea.

Essential Questions: How do artists or graphic designers use clipping masks in the industry?


After creating your Canvas:

  • Select the TYPE tool or hit the "T" key

  • Adjust your typeface and size of your text on the top toolbar

  • The text can be resized with the transform tool (ctrl + shift + alt)

  • Right-click your image layer

  • Select Clipping-Mask

  • Move your image behind the text to your liking

  • I didn't like how you couldn't read my text, so I changed my background

  • Double click your background thumbnail layer

  • Select Color Overlay

  • Select desired color

  • Export as a JPG

  • Repeat!

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